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Essay Writing: Five Nights at Freddy’s I
Daviation by kaizerin

Just be reminded that my essay about the game is based on the random information I got from the internet (specially YouTube).

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game that you can play on smartphones and computers. It is a horror game where you play as the Freddy Fazbear’s security guard and you have to survive five nights at work to have your minimum wage. If you’ll come to look at the game, it looks easy and simple. Controls are easy to locate, the art game is beautiful. But if you’ll know the stories being said around the internet about the animatronics, you’ll never look the same at the game. At Five Nights at Freddy’s I, there are four animatronics. They are Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox, and Freddy the Bear. As a security guard of Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria, you have to have your duty and guard the Pizzaria. You have to survive the night until 6 am. That’s right, you have to duty from 12 midnight to 6 am. By day, the four animatronics perform and entertain their customers, the children, yep, kids! And by night, by your duty time, they hunt you down. Surviving  a night is not that easy because you have a limited battery. They can hunt you right away when the battery goes down to zero before  6 am. So use your battery wisely if you want to live. But it’s not only about the battery, you also have to tend your doors because these animatronics lure around, and their goal is to stop you and kill you. You might come to say “Why are they like that? Why would they hire me for my death? Why would they hunt me down? Why are they alive?” Well, I know a few about those questions.

It starts in the “Bite of 87”. It is said that when Foxy was on the stage, a young girl came up and interrupted him. Foxy bite her head, and the teeth was deep, and when the people tried to separate the two, a part of the girl’s brain was stuck inside the mouth of Foxy the Pirate Fox. The girl miraculously survived and is said that she’s living. They also said that there was a malfunction that’s why Foxy accidentally bite the child. There is also another story of why these animatronics became killers. When the animatronics were pretty clean, innocent, and was not yet haunted, there’s a man who wore a mascot and entertained some children. He brought these kids to somewhere and killed them. It is said that the killer stored the bodies at the animatronics. As time past by, the customers noticed that the animatronics got stinky, and they got stains like blood. Because of these, they kept the animatronics away from people. Well, they say that these stories and its characters truly exist. I think the reason why these animatronics came to life is because the kids that were stuck inside the animatronics wants to have a revenge for their death, they want to kill their killer. But I don’t know why they hunt us, security guards, who have done nothing but to duty at 12 in the midnight until 6 am.

When the Living Tomb released their first Five Nights at Freddy’s music, it made me think that maybe theses animatronics just want to make friends with the security guard. Maybe their screams is an animatronic greeting? I don’t know. When I heard MandoPony’s “Survive the Night” song, it really explained to me that the animatronics really just wanted to make friends, they want the security guard to be part of their Freddy Fazbear Pizzaria animatronics family. To be honest, we really don’t know what these animatronics are up to with the security guard. All we know is that it ends our lives and we have to play the night to survive in the game.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s I, there are only four animatronics. I don’t know if the game is  a series, but in every new Five Nights at Freddy’s there are more animatronics added.

Five Nights at Freddy’s game is pretty much popular. YouTubers recorded their own gameplays. YouTubers and Musicians made some fan made songs about the game. I think the game has more that a hundred songs now.

For me, you can get something from the game. Not only jumpscares, terrors, but also a lesson. And that lesson is that we should try and try and we should not quit until we reach the goal, the finish line. Yup! Don’t be a range quitter, even in your real life.


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