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Prepared Essay Contest (Asian College Dumaguete) College Week 2015: Inspiring Excellence Through Talents and Skills [Edited Essay]

We all know that everyone has a talent, God given by birth or by experience. We may not know what is our talent, but we can discover them in many ways, in many forms. Everyone can develop skills. A thing may be easy for you to learn, or it may be hard for you to digest. I believe nothing is impossible if a person really wants a thing in his or her life. When a student doesn’t like a subject that he or she is currently taking, then it will be hard for him or her to learn from that subject, simply because he or she doesn’t like that subject. A subject will be an easy subject if the student likes or loves a certain subject. It is a fact. Same situation when you date someone.

As I said, God gave us a talent. And we should use that talent. Because if we don’t use it, He might get that talent from you for not using it. The talents and skills we have is a gift from the God above. Talents and skills are like a house cat (or any pet), if you don’t love them and take care of them, there is a big chance that they will get out from your house. Instead, talents and skills should be like treasures that we want to keep; like love that we want to share to others; like ourselves that we don’t want to get hurt; like family that we don’t want to lose; like the stuffs we built in Minecraft that we don’t want to be destroyed; and like a muscle. Why muscle? Well, talents and skills should be like muscles that we want to get bigger. We may say “ Exercise is way too hard, and it is a waste of time”, or “ It’s just a muscle.” Exercising has a good result, even though we get tired of doing it, even though you’ll get well of your own sweat, or even though you’ll get body pains. Trust me, it is part of growing a muscle. In the end of it, viola! You are now stronger and better, and more macho. If you stop exercising, belly fats will come and get you. The point is, we should enhance our talents and our skills. For example, you can paint. When you enhance that talent or skill, your art skills will be improved, and you can make your works public and make money. Speaking of money, we can all make our talents and skills to be our job. For example, you’re a dancer, and you applied to be a dancer, then, you’re dancing for fun and you make money in the same time. Personally, my hobby is doing  something crafty, something that deals with art. I thought, applying a job just for money, and applying a job because of your own interest are two different things that people sometimes think are the same. They may be the same of giving you a job and money. But the first one I mentioned is “just for money”, and it sounds like you’re doing the job just for the company.  The second one is “because of your own interest”, and it sounds like you work for yourself and for the company. It is also said that a person who works based on what he or she wants is a person who enjoys their jobs. On the other side, a person who works on a thing that is  not based on his or her interest is most likely a person who gets stress easily. But I think not all people are like this. When a person learns how to like it and how to do it by skills, then there are chances that a certain work would be a piece of chicken.

When I was young, I used to draw stick figures. When I was in fourth year high school in Negros Oriental High School, I saw beautiful fan art pictures flooded on the internet world. I told myself “ I want to make one of it someday, or maybe today!” I was inspired by those pictures and it made me feel hopeful, just like a new born baby waiting to see the sun for the first time of his or her life. I tried to draw a picture of a Khajiit in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’m not sure if he was a NPC in the game, or if he is just a character from a fan art story. It took me two days to draw it. I was impressed of the result of my drawing. It was nice even I only used crayons to color it, and it was my first time to draw such a thing with dedication. I posted it in our Fine Arts Guild Booth at Negros Oriental High School when we were celebrating our founder’s day when I was in fourth year high school. I also posted it in our Computer Studies Society booth near at the canteen at Asian College’s College week celebration. When I tried to draw another and it ended up looking good. But my next drawings ended up ugly. I told myself “ Maybe I still don’t have it.” I stopped making drawings because of it. It took me many months to realize that I should try to make one again. So I did, and the result was fine. I realize that all I need to make a drawing beautiful is to have trust on myself that I could do it right. Last summer, I tried something new. I tried to make some research about stop motion animation about how it works. I was amazed because the basics was so easy to make. I used the app called ClayFrames to perform my first animation test. The result gave me a feeling like I received a new computer with my favorite games inside of it.

I gave an example on the second paragraph, that in every process we do, we should put an effort on doing it and we should dedicate ourselves. And while we are in the process of reaching something, let us not look down. Like when you’re up in the highest point of the ladder, don’t look down know how high you have gone. You might end up feeling afraid to go higher. Let us not quit. Because when you walk on a road, there are stones that would let you down and say to you that you can’t continue your adventure. We might get tired of reaching a goal, but reaching that goal would be useless if you stop reaching the finish line. And you must not be afraid of what will happen while reaching a goal, because if you will be afraid, there is a possibility you will end up quitting. They say that when you are going to walk on a staircase, don’t look how long the staircase is or how many steps are you going to take. Just look up and see what us up there waiting for you. If you were not able to reach something, don’t be a rage quitter. “Try and try until you succeed”, one of the most known mottos on the world, telling us that there is still hope on a next sunrise.

Talents and skills inspire not only excellence but a lot of people. It is a very good thing if we share out talents to our friends and/or fans. Like, if your talent is playing a piano, and a friend of yours says “How cool is that! You play piano. Can you teach me? Because I would like to play a song or my mom”, then, teach him or her how to play piano for her to earn some “skill points” on playing it, and for him or her to play a song to his or hers beloved mother. He or she can also use it in the future, he or she can teach the others how to play a piano. If you know Lindsey Stirling, then you know how great she is. At first I liked her music cover of Skyrim theme. When I listened to her other covers and original music tracks, I was really amazed, making me turn on to love the violin instrument. She plays violin fast without any error. I wished I could do the same. I did make some researches about the violin notes and posted it on my door. Every time I listened to her tracks, I visualize that I’m playing a violin, as if I really had a violin in my hands. Last May 16, 2015 my uncle Quezon City bought me my very own violin. I know I was supposed to be very happy, but I was just glad about it. Maybe it’s because I always visualized that I have one, that’s why when the real violin came in my life it was like nothing. I studied by myself how to play the violin notes and its vibrating. It took me a month to learn and memorize the notes, just the basics. I was able to play a music, but I still get errors. My friends requested me to teach them how to play the violin, but I can’t teach them because I’m not yet that knowledgeable of how does the violin really works. I’m still on process of learning it. But I’m focusing about my artistic side because I know it will help me in the future.

For me, I treat my talents and my skills like myself. I want others to see it and appreciate it. I want it to improve it. I don’t want to abandon it because I respect God and His gifts to me. I want it to shine around the world until my last breath. Don’t you ever hide your talents and your skills. Consequences will come, either good or bad; destructive or constructive.



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